Williamston Primary School
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School Watch
Williamston Primary School has become a member of the School Watch Scheme
By implementing School Watch we aim:
- to reduce the opportunity for crime and deter criminals.
- To build up community spirit.
- To save money for education as opposed to this being spent on repairs to schools or replacement of goods through theft.
What is School Watch? School Watch is a scheme similar to Neighbourhood Watch, but specifically deals with looking after the local school. It involves the Police, the School, West Lothian Council, and above all, individuals and families who want to protect their school from criminals.
How can you help? You can be part of School Watch, and it doesn't involve being on a committee or going to meetings.
Your call to Police could prevent break-ins, vandalism, graffiti or even fire-raising. Ensuring your school is well cared for reflects on your community and contributes to the value of surrounding houses, so its worth it.
Be alert and on the look out for crime or any suspicious situation that could lead to a crime being committed.

Most importantly, if you live near a school and see or hear suspicious behaviour, immediately telephone:

Police on 01506 431200 or 999 in case of emergency

- Stay where you are
- Do not approach suspicious people
- Remain calm
- Continue to watch, from a discreet / safe distance

Last updated: 27th April 2012